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Increasing lead engagement using 3D animation is one of the most powerful tactics you could have in your sales and marketing toolkit.

73% of B2B marketers say video positively impacts return on investment, according to research by WVMC.

Our guide will tell you how you can use 3D animation to stand out from the competition and ultimately sell more products.


1. Create compelling advertising campaigns

Using 3D animations in your paid marketing campaigns creates more compelling adverts for your brand.

Whether you run LinkedIn awareness campaigns, or want to increase conversions on Google Ads landing pages, using animated visual content is the best way to engage potential customers. This is especially true in B2B marketing in manufacturing, engineering or similar industries where content is complex and time is short.

You can also use animated CGI cutaway images in display campaigns and in YouTube ads. The possibilities are almost endless!

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2. Turbocharge your sales toolkit

Sales teams are always hungry for great material to win over prospects. CGI and 3D animations perform better than traditional presentations because they’re more visually appealing and memorable.

You could even include a looping animation to create a dynamic sales deck which shows the product in action, or explains the cost benefits.

Trade shows and exhibitions are a perfect place to show off your product animations, whether it’s for a new product launch or to revitalise an existing range.

Captivating imagery will help you stand out and encourage more visitors to your stand, eventually resulting in more leads, sales and revenue.

You could even create a microsite, like we did for leading landscape product manufacturer Kinley, to raise awareness of their hero product AluExcel. We also created a product selection tool which was used by 86% of visitors to the site, achieving a transformational uplift in enquiries for Kinley.

3. Impress potential investors in pitches

Win over potential investors by taking investment pitch decks to the next level. Using 3D animations and image renders in pitch videos will tell your story better than words could ever do alone. You don’t get a long time in front of investors, so the content needs to shine!

Whether it’s an interactive product configurator, a project walkthrough, an isometric render, or something else entirely, it’s important to make sure those investors are hooked from the first 30 seconds.

For example, take a look at what you could achieve using 3D animation with Unity’s Timi configurator tool – this type of software would allow you to create real-time, interactive, customisable, product models. This level of high quality visualisation would be sure to wow investors.

CGI and 3D animation

4. Make powerful promotional material

There are countless ways to use 3D animations and CGI in promotional material. From LinkedIn posts, to video content on your website homepage, email marketing campaigns and product listings and more. 

Take a look at this example by car engine manufacturer Alpina. It pulls apart and showcases the internal parts of the engine so the customer can understand technical details more visually. They can direct their own learning journey, interacting with the content in a memorable way.

3D car engine animation

Embedding a video on your website can increase conversion rates by up to 80% according to Smart Insights (2018).  Higher conversion rates equal more leads and sales.

And it’s not just on digital platforms that CGI can be used. You can include stills and isometric drawings in print brochures, product guides, installation manuals and data sheets.

See our recent work for examples of CGI and 3D animations.

5. Upskill your sales, technical and customer service teams 

Not only does 3D animation bring your products to life in marketing campaigns and sales materials, it can be used across your business to train staff and increase product knowledge, leading to a unified team and better sales performance. 

Imagine replacing 2D technical drawings with an interactive walkthrough animation, or creating animated cross-sections that explain each element of the product in detail. Similar to the video we created for Maguire above.

Equipping internal teams with an enhanced understanding of new products will mean they can answer more questions, and feel more confident when talking to customers.

With an investment in CGI, you’re ready to take advantage of interactive content. Enabling internal teams to interact with your product means that they retain information and technical details better than if they were learning from a generic PowerPoint presentation.

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