Nerak Wiese Digital Presence


Case Study

Utilising the power of Google Ads

Quick facts:

  • Building “digital presence”
  • In-depth analytics for granular performance measurement
  • Multiple campaigns with a range of KPI’s
  • A monthly report and call to explain and show comparative data
  • Results that continue to improve

About the client.

When it comes to material handling, Nerak are widely regarded as the “Experts in vertical elevation”.
The current product range includes a variety of fully integrated solutions for moving pallets, boxes, cartons, and totes. With a separate division specialising in the vertical conveying of bulk materials.
With over 50 years’ experience, Nerak have become a supplier of choice for many global brands like JD Sports, John Lewis, GSK, Unilever and GXO Logistics .

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The challenge.

B2B is our bread and butter but it’s a competitive landscape where awareness can make a huge difference in business growth. With more companies wanting their slice of the cake, we wanted to ensure search engine results always showed NERAK with prominence on the words that mattered most around their service offering.

We also value mutual understanding and learning with what we’re doing rather than just a data report.

Our solution.

That online presence is best served as a combination of PPC (pay per click) ads to hit wider keyphrases to improve visibility against competitors, social content to increase opportunities for discovery and evolving SEO for long-term gain for relevant visitors – not just more.

We used a combination of Google Ads, meta review of the pillared content on the website and ensuring it could all be tracked for measurement.

“We engaged with Durty Media 12 months ago . During this time, we have noticed a significant improvement in the results achieved from both our SEO & PPC campaigns.”

Simon MusgraveDirector, Nerak-Wiese

Reaching the top.

PPC give you immediate presence on the phrases that are most valuable to your company. Whether it’s a specific product name or more general description of the service, it gives you the opportunity to appear to the most relevant of potential customers.

We make sure these are constantly optimised and work with Nerak to decide on where the best changes are made.


SEO is more than words.

From improving image quality and load speeds through to meta data for optimal presence on search engines, we take a holistic approach that encompasses the PPC stream for long-term gain.

It can also increase opportunities to connect with wider audiences as content like blog posts and case studies aren’t bound by product keywords.


What’s a KPI anyway?

Our marketing experts might know the importance of CTR or conversion rates but understanding the reasoning and value from the client side is an important aspect for us at DURTY – with our video content too.

Imparting that knowledge of what all the data actually means equals a closer, better partnership for the future.


Numbers, numbers, numbers

What do those clicks actually represent? How much value does a top of page result net?

It’s not a big spreadsheet of columns of data or a one-page PDF with some figures – we’ve seen these! We look at analytical and campaign performance data first-hand together and help setup live reporting via Looker Studio so you have a constant eye on performance and clear comparison data.