Magthro Product Animation

Client: Blaker Technology

Case Study

3D animation to demonstrate a new product for the UK market

Quick facts:

  • Another new product to the wider market
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Accurate and detailed CGI

About the client.

Blaker has been around since 1905, orignally based in Islington North London. Their mainstay is the repairing of industrial machinery alongside many metalworking services.

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The challenge.

Industrial products typically lack a level of visual attraction. 

We needed to summarise the key features quickly, show the product in action with material flow while making the animation look clean and attractive.

Our solution.

We created a video combining real life footage and 3D animation to explain how the MagThro system works while highlighting the USP components. Additional visuals explain the wider range of spares and accessories for an inclusive solution.

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Product animations

For this project, the Magthro animation delivers an in-depth explanation of the product and how it can be incorporated into a number of different situations. The key product is kept on screen via a single-shot animation and all elements fade on/off or are highlighted around the screen, keeping it front and centre so that important information is easier to understand.

Promoting a new product

Following on from the success of the Sandflo animation, the client invited us to work on another new product they were bringing to market.

Similar to Sandflo, the Magthro adds another stage of repurposing scrap metal, which can create considerable savings over time while addressing the needs of recycling waste wherever possible.


Breaking down the CAD designs

As with any new product, understanding exactly how it works not only helps us create a lifelike representation in 3D but also help highlight the value proposition for potential clients.

We worked closely with Blaker’s CAD partner to ensure we fully understood the product breakdown and show the Magthro in its best light.


Creating a script and storyboard

We also worked in collaboration with Blaker’s marketing partner (Spark Marketing) to create a script and storyboard. This helps align messaging throughout the content with the key technical information to educate all stakeholders.

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