Wahl Cordless Massager

Client: WAHL

Case Study

New campaign content for a hero product

Quick facts:

  • With a new campaign strategy ready to roll, Wahl needed some attention-grabbing content to push out
  • A combination of both film and 3D content
  • DURTY sourced a filming partner, models and a filming location
  • DURTY managed the project from pre-production to final compositing and delivery
  • With a video that explains the tech and connects with customers for greater impact for their target audience

About the client.

Wahl is a brand most will already know with a B2C product range focusing on consumer electronics around personal care. For over 100 years Wahl has been a market leader in hair care electronics, most famously (and originally way back in 1919!) hair clippers.

The company has evolved over the century to a broader range of household electronics, including deep-tissue handheld massagers for the ever-increasing awareness for personal health and fitness.

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The challenge.

B2C products usually require a balance of technical information and a connection of visualisation of them using the product. With this in mind, the ambition was to blend photorealistic CGI animations to conceptually show the inner workings of the massager, while remaining grounded in the real world and real applications.

With a tight timeline to work to and no CAD data/models to start from, we recreated the model from scratch into a slick video that spoke to the consumer market.

Our solution.

For the filming elements we called in the dream teal from Palladian Medialed by the talented Benjamin Hay, and together sourced a filming studio and models (human not 3D!).

For the 3D elements, we performed a physical teardown of the massager, building up representative internals to not breach IP restrictions and to highlight the USP’s for those looking at competitor options.

Watch the video

“The footage looks great, really pleased with these shots! The video has been really valuable for us in terms of conversion. We were missing the vital demonstration visuals so the video and CGI covered this off brilliantly.”

Christopher BarleycornMarketing Communications, WAHL

Real-life filming.

Filming puts the product in the real world, establishing a connection with the humanistic side of the target audience.

It allows them to see how it looks in proportion to a person using it, how it handles and applications they can then relate to.


With photoreal CGI.

As good as videography is, explaining how a product works can be difficult by simply showing it out of the box.

This is where 3D can really shine, not bound by the physics of the real world and allowing eye-catching visuals to highlight USP’s with a transparent casing and an emphasis on battery power or motor mechanics. I.e. What does this mean to the end user?


To boost brand awareness.

As a go-to piece of content to help demonstrate the product visually which can be used beyond just YouTube, such as on the website, product pages on distributors (like Amazon), edited clips for social and in newsletters for cross-selling opportunities.


Adding real conversion value.

As a valuable potential customer on their journey to (hopefully) purchasing a product or service, being informed and educated is an important step to conversion. And that “just-right” blend of information and attraction has been great for Wahl:

“The video has been really valuable for us in terms of conversion. We were missing the vital demonstration visuals so the video covered this off brilliantly.” – Chris, Wahl.