About Us


We're a CGI and 3D animation studio based in Kent, UK

(oh, and we're pretty awesome at content marketing too!)

Meet the Team

We’re a specialist in-house team of content creators and promoters. Working from our studio in the heart of Kent, we regularly serve clients all over the world. Amazing knows no borders!

“DURTY are, quite simply, the closest thing to a perfect CGI content partner I could ever hope to find in my lifetime!”

One of our clients(probably)
Founder & CEO

Dan Lawrence

Dan is the CEO and Founder of DURTY. He also makes up one half or the husband/wife arm of the company.

Following completion of his degree in Computer Science, Dan worked for a number of digital agencies before deciding it was time to branch out on his own.

Establishing DURTY back in 2015 at the breakfast bar in his kitchen, Dan soon realised the team needed to grow (and quickly). With his first hire in 2016, the one man band swiftly established itself as the DURTY team we know today.

Much like his own vision of owning his own company, Dan’s mantra for DURTY has always been “visualising your imagination”. Taking the seemingly impossible desires of a client’s vision and manifesting them into a reality.

Finance and Operations Manager

Meghan Lawrence

Meghan forms the other half to the husband/wife arm of DURTY.

Having been a silent member of the team since 2015, Meghan officially came on board in November 2021 to help manage the financial and operational side of the business.

With her previous career background in project management, she brings with her a wealth of experience in cashflow management, organisation and the general day-to-day running of an office environment – not to mention her positive “if you want it, you must believe it” attitude.

Senior Content Producer

Sean Brown

“As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to work in an animation studio”

Sean was DURTY’S first official hire, originally brought on board as a Video Editor/Motion Graphics Artist. His role has been adapted to encompass all he does at DURTY, which ranges from video editing to realistic CGI 3D animations.

He has never been formally trained for any role and instead opted for a self-taught approach, mainly utilising YouTube tutorials to learn new software skills.

For him, DURTY has always been his first major career, so much so he decided to willingly get the company logo tattooed on his leg! (proof below)

Digital Marketer

Terry May

A promotion philanthropist by day; esports educator by night.

Terry joined the company in 2019 after career-changing from the education sector but still gives plenty of online and in-person talks to the youth of today.

As well as running DURTY’s own marketing, he’s a PPC pro, sangfroid with SEO and celestially calm with content consultation for the people we work with.

He also likes games, but his own darn kids results in a lack of time to actually play them!

Junior Content Producer

Nicola Bower

“We have two lives, and the second begins when we realize we only have one” – Confucius Nicola is a long time enthusiast of the arts, media and philosophical quotes.

Studying film at University level, with particular interest in technology and the intricacies of media production. Self-taught and with a drive to work in a dynamic, exciting industry she was recently given the opportunity to join the DURTY team and enhance her skills. Her role is to contribute in the development of DURTY’s CGI productions and is a key content creator for the team.

She also has a big love for NHL Ice Hockey, ice skates in her spare time for fitness and so she can learn to spray stop like the cool kids.

Our Values

We’re transparent, honest and hard-working. With a far-reaching set of skills that will never cease to amaze, we’ll only rest when your socks are well and truly blown off.

We’re firm believers in doing it right, the first time. We’ll respectfully interrogate briefs, and we regularly push the status-quo in our client’s industries. We do all of this in the quest for the greatest content, and the best possible return on investment.

Our culture.

1. Be transparent and honest with our clients with no exceptions.

From pricing and timelines, to briefs and feedback. We’ll always act in the best interests of our clients and push them to achieve the very best from their content.


2. Make it amazing!

We’ll push the boundaries of both your vision and our technical skills, to make sure every piece of content is truly beautiful.


3. Build the very best place to work.

The best equipment, flexible working hours, trust and responsibility. Building the best team means embracing a true work-life balance.