TEC - Bitutainer

Client: TEC Container Solutions

Case Study

Maximising value from attention-grabbing content

Quick facts:

  • TEC is a globally established brand, continuing to revolutionise its product range.
  • TEC’s Bitutainer is a newly developed all-in-one bespoke solution for the
    storage and transportation of bitumen.
  • TEC used the animation to showcase the product to prospective clients and facilitate
    engagement for future sales.

About the client.

Established in the 90s, TEC Container Solutions have become a global market leader in the design and manufacture of the Bitutainer Range – a tank storage container solution allowing the safe transportation and storage of bitumen.

Supplying thousands of containers worldwide, TEC Container Solutions are continuously developing their product range, modifying their designs to meet the demands of the growing industries of highways and construction.

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The challenge.

TEC required a 3D animation to assist with the product launch of the MEST Bitutainer to present to prospective clients.

The animation needed to be impactful and grab the attention of TEC’s market audience, whilst showcasing the key features of the unique and bespoke container which sets it apart from their existing product line.

The animation needed to showcase how the container worked and why it was superior to existing solutions.

Our solution.

DURTY worked together with TEC to produce an effective storyboard that would direct an impactful and clear animation to be used across multiple platforms.

The 3D animation provided TEC with the ability to showcase the newly designed MEST Bitutainer, whilst paying particular attention to the technical and bespoke all-in-one features available (storage, heating, mixing, pumping and offloading of bitumen).

TEC can now confidently market a real-to-life product to prospective clients.

Watch the video

““The biggest takeaway we found working with DURTY was their willingness to understand our products and company in and out to create a highly detailed animation that we could use in our marketing efforts. It was clear that they put the time and effort in to understand exactly what our product was, the gap in the market it was filling, and what the best method to present this to our audience would be. They were also brilliant at helping us stay within budget, providing well thought-out recommendations that showed they had our best interest in mind, making the working relationship between TEC and DURTY genuine and trusting.

We couldn’t recommend DURTY enough!”.”

Adam SmythMechanical Design Engineer at TEC Container Solutions.

X-ray vision.

CGI removes the barriers presented with traditional film, allowing you to see through casing, to multiple levels by making foreground elements transparent. Visually, you can then show the exact part of a machinery you want, no matter how large or small the product is.


Between multiple applications

From showing the internals, USP’s and visual representations of things like capacity and heating through to highlighting ease of (in this example) transportation methods without cuts in footage.


What was that?

Making practical innovations “sexy” might not be the first thing that comes to mind. In industry though, having an impactful visual that goes beyond the realism of standard CAD grabs attention on social channels, builds up your content library and provides more resources for events like trade shows.


Both animations turned out amazingly, bringing an excellent level of professionalism to our marketing efforts and product content. Both have been used on our social media channels, in email campaigns, our YouTube channel and on our website, bringing in a number of high-quality leads and compliments on the videos themselves too!

Adam Smyth – Mechanical Design Engineer at TEC Container Solutions.