Your CGI content can work hard for you and deliver incredible ROI

Don't lock it away!

Driven by need.

Typically, our clients are dealing with complicated subject matter and by the time we’ve finished producing their shiny new CGI content, we’re experts in not only the product/service but also the overall business marketing strategy.
Because of this, we’re regularly asked to step in and assist with digital promotion to raise brand awareness and grow their lead generation.
Whether the expertise is missing in-house or you’ve struggled to find a PPC/SEO agency that understands your terminology and target markets, we’re here to help.


Planning and executing campaigns can be tough.

In the world of marketing technical content, prospects are generally focused and intelligent. They respond to facts and solutions, rather than buzzwords and technical jargon. Even if you’ve run campaigns in the past, you may have found some terms and tactics work over others.

There’s a lot of platforms, ad types and digital strategies to test!

So, where is your energy best spent?

Let us help.

We’ve built a team at DURTY specifically to assist our clients, as an extension of their marketing team. We offer a range of services from strategic planning and PPC/SEO management, to training or upskilling internal teams and retainer-based day-to-day assistance.

What’s more, because we’ve already built your library of CGI assets, we’re perfectly positioned to create specific content for your campaigns in the most cost-effective way.


Just like our approach to producing animations, we believe the best value for any promotion activity comes from prior planning. We call the first phase the “Discovery Phase”.


We learn about your business goals and strategies, your existing content and campaign performance, your audience and their challenges.

We digest all of this information and offer a fresh perspective from outside the business.


As an output of this Discovery Phase we make educated and realistic plans to achieve your goals, and deliver all of this information back to you in a formal agreed document.

This forms the basis of all future work, and saves considerable time and money in the long run.

The right content, shown to the right prospect, will result in a lead. It's as simple as that.


Running PPC (Pay Per Click) / paid media campaigns to drive traffic to your website and awareness of your products or services.

We focus on conversion rates and valuable data to evolve your targeting so that only the most likely of qualified leads actually cost.


Driving your website’s organic Search Engine Optimisation performance with a library of useful content for your users to engage with is as important as ever.

We use market-leading tools to measure the technical, build backlink authority and highlight keyword gaps against competitors.

A combination of improved SEO and PPC traffic will lead to long-term and continual growth of domain authority for search engines and an optimised marketing spend that has trackable ROI.

Retainer agreement.

Many clients choose to use our digital marketing services on a retainer basis. This gives you an easily-budgeted monthly spend and allows us to manage our time between content creation and digital marketing.

We can build a content bank for you when times are quiet or your team is stretched and focus on driving leads during show seasons and around product launches.

What’s more, we offer discounted rates to clients on retainer agreements.

It really is that simple.

It makes a lot of sense to use DURTY for your digital marketing. There’s no onboarding for you to schedule, no arduous procurement sign-off, and no new team to get to grips with. In fact, we’re ready to go as soon as you are.

We’ll plan your campaigns, create and translate the content and set it up across different channels. And our results-focused approach means we’ll continue to run and report on your campaigns to measure success and take learnings for future campaigns.