K100 Balustrade System

Client: Delta Balustrades

Case Study

A goal-breaking virtual product launch.

Quick facts:

  • An innovative new product designed, engineered & manufactured in the UK
  • A “virtual” product launch (due to COVID) with great success
  • Targeting two separate audiences
  • Stylised CGI to explain production and installation

About the client.

Based in Cheshire, UK Delta Balustrades have been designing, manufacturing and installing bespoke balustrades for over 30 years. A family run business, they have delivered over 6000 projects to date across the entire UK.

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The challenge.

A new product launch has its own barriers to overcome, but in the midst of a pandemic? With the country in and out of lockdown, the launch event was quickly becoming purely online.

We needed to show the journey from production to installation, with large environments to display Delta completed each step of the process.

Our solution.

Two animations for the product allowed Delta to target different audiences depending on their specification needs; Installation & Sales.

A stylised environment allowed the spotlight to be always on the product, while still depicting the journey and expertise of the company.

Watch the video

“The virtual product launch was a great success, and the animations made everything possible. We've had great feedback from the sales team too as the animation answers so many questions for our customers. We've got some big sales opportunities from the launch and the video was instrumental in getting these closed.”

Mark DeaytonHead of Business Development, Delta Balustrades

Starting with the bigger picture.

We do more than just create, but are invested in understanding the purpose of the content we create so the messaging is clear to the end user. In action, this meant taking the client through a discovery process to identify the target audiences so that the animations created are done so in the most efficient way possible while getting the most out of the assets available.


Ongoing product development.

Not just for English speakers across waters, the text throughout is easily changeable for different units of measurement depending on which country they’re being promoted in. It also allows plenty of space for other language translations.


And the results?

Delta had never utilised CGI before and were unsure of the benefits given that, as with any animation, there is initial investment required to create the content you need. There was also the concern that, while past launches had been the more traditional in-person party to help answer questions, this time due to lockdown restrictions the event had to be hosted and delivered virtually.