Mezzanine7 Product Animation

Client: MiTek Industries Inc.

Case Study

3D animation to demonstrate a cutting edge solution in logistics automation

Quick facts:

  • 3D animation including multiple products and solutions for logistics and automation
  • Full-size factory environment design
  • Updated version for rebranding
  • Multiple languages and subtitles

About the client.

Mezzanine International were acquired by MiTek (part of Berkshire Hathaway) in 2017. As a collection of global companies, MiTek is the first global mezzanine supplier for any size project around the world.

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The challenge.

An upcoming trade show and need for a modernised video to attract potential clients meant there was a strict and tight turnaround. IMHX is the largest intralogistics trade show in the UK which hosts industry leaders within automation and logistics.

With hundreds of exhibitors and stands to compete with for attention, their video needed to capture attention quickly to help produce leads.

Our solution.

We built a virtual warehouse to showcase the full range of products offered by Mezzanine International, and their integration with other automation and logistic technologies. This was a complete update from a previous version of this video we completed some years ago.

From script assistance to storyboarding, voiceover and translations. We worked together to ensure prime USP’s were shown and the flow of video is easy to understand.

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Re-branding made easy!

“With DURTY I feel like I've gained an extended internal team rather than just an animation provider. They understand our business, making it easy to communicate, and always go the extra miles to deliver great results. I love working with them.”

Christine PilbeamMarketing Manager, MiTek Mezzanine Systems

Understanding the industry.

An important requirement was in-depth knowledge of the industry. Due to time restrictions their on-site CAD team didn’t have the time to create a multi-level installation representing a typical project.

Mezzanine knew us well (and vice-versa) and we were fully trusted to take the lead, designing the entire multi-tier layout with only minimal input required from their team to check and approve before creation.


Turnaround was more than quick.

When storyboarding a project, these can often go through multiple iterations and many stakeholders required to sign off on the “” version. This process alone can take weeks or months while we had less than 3 weeks for a complete animation. While the script was being finalised, we started work on creating the assets and environment that houses the Mezzanine structure.

With limited time allocated to their own CAD team, we created the warehouse solution with the base products they were able to send across. Although this meant we invested a lot more time in production, it freed up the time of the Mezzanine team to focus on preparing for the event and reduce interruption to their own daily work.

As a now global company, they needed translated voiceovers and subtitles added throughout to ensure they could educate and inform a wider audience. With live-shot video, this could require a need to completely refilm and take additional weeks of production.


Made with translations in mind.

Translated versions for Europe were important for Mezzanine to be able to promote these videos at trade shows and online in multiple countries. We worked closely to ensure the voiceover fitted with minimal edits to the original animation and subtitles aligned to the voiceover.

In addition, a rebranding following the MiTek acquisition meant a recolour throughout the video was simple and cost-effective to change.


CGI makes re-branding a breeze.

When Mezzanine International Group were acquired by MiTek Industries, they needed to quickly rebrand the video for use by the US sales teams. All paint colours in red had to be changed to the new corporate blue.

Rather than getting the blues (sorry…) about content that couldn’t be updated, MiTek were in safe hands with us. Using CGI means that changing the colour scheme was (almost) as simple as clicking a button, and the new video was ready to rock in a shiny new blue.