Rail CargoLiner

Client: Rail Cargoliner

Case Study

Visualising a concept product for maximum impact

Quick facts:

  • The product was at concept stage, requiring an animation to assist with attracting investment
  • 3D explainer animation to showcase the product and demonstrate to people with no prior knowledge of the Rail CargoLiner system how it works technically and the opportunities it creates for the UK haulage and logistics industries
  • Provides a decarbonisation solution to the Climate Change crisis around the world
  • DURTY partnered alongside an external web agency – providing the animation and stills embedded throughout the site

About the client.

After realising a huge gap in the market and an obvious solution to reducing carbon emissions, Michael and Rachel created Rail CargoLiner. 

Rail CargoLiner is an innovative product which allows typical passenger train carriages to be repurposed and used as cargo transport. Its hydraulic ramp can service from platform level down to ground level, offering a faster, more effective and greener logistical solution to zero emissions.

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The challenge.

With the product still at the concept stage in its development, Rail CargoLiner required a 3D animation to facilitate engagement with key prospective clients to secure private investment and future sales.

Up to this point, the product was showcased by a static presentation which took time to deliver and was not able to provide a real-life example of what the solution would look like once manufactured.

Our solution.

This animation showcased the technological aspects and how it would work, all to the same level of detail as the longer presentation, while being condensed to a 3 minute video instead – keeping a powerful and professional visual tool while providing a true-to-life representation of the product.

With our friends at Highscore Web Design, the animation was embedded into Rail CargoLiner’s new website to package up the product and get it ready for investment and on to market.

Watch the video

““Working with DURTY was an absolute pleasure from start to finish. The whole team took the time to listen to our requirements and went above and beyond to deliver an animated video that is exceptional. The video helped us design a coordinating website, which was brilliant for our brand. We would highly recommend”.”

Michael and Rachel WorleyFounders, Rail CargoLiner.

True-to-life render.

Visualising a product not just grabs attention and makes it look great, it can help in so many ways in explaining the product. And a more informed audience, means a more qualified audience – improving connection and probability of conversion.


Harvesting the value beyond video.

The video sits at the core but the real value comes from being able to use that content in more ways.

For Rail CargoLiner this meant additional still renders for high-quality images across their pages and for use across social.


And for sales.

“We have used your animated video in our pitch deck presentation to investors and it has played a vital role in explaining the concept. We are very grateful!” – Michael and Rachel Worley. Rail CargoLiner.