Get Up Safe System

Client: Pict Offshore

Case Study

Offshore wind farm safety

Quick facts:

  • Product – Get Up Safe System
  • Offshore wind energy – DURTY’s first
  • A series of 6 animations
  • Animations for both sales and training purposes
  • Exciting and innovative new product, already being deployed for use

About the client.

Pict Offshore is a new joint venture between Ørsted, the World’s largest developer of offshore wind, and Limpet Technology, a Scottish engineering innovator, that specialises in the development of powered rope access and lifting systems. Pict Offshore has been set up to develop innovative commercial solutions for the offshore wind market.

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The challenge.

With the rise in demand for renewable energy, Pict’s solution for safer user maintenance of wind farms required DURTY learning an innovative product in a yet-explored industry.

A series of videos, each focusing on different USP’s, had to be true-to-life where possible so that the scenarios were relatable for those training in the system and for potential customers.

Our solution.

There were a range of techniques used in this project; from character animations for user interaction of the product to liquid simulation on a large scale to create realistic visuals with easy-to-digest information for educational purposes.

Real map data and accurate models of partners’ products helped to complete the scene for added realism.

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“The feedback from the training team has been really positive, the animations are very useful in lieu of our training centre (closed due to COVID)”

Phil TaylorManaging Director, Pict Offshore

From planning through to delivery.

Although not with every project, we worked closely with PICT to plan out both the script and storyboard of all animations so that each video was both unique and had purpose.

This included scrutinising the user manual and reviewing videos of the product in action so each scene flowed smoothly while keeping in regular contact with the managing director for absolute accuracy.


CAD models help.

We certainly have the technical ability to create assets from scratch in-house but CAD models, particularly for intricate or large scale assets, saves both cost of production and reduces development time for delivery of the finished product.

On this project, we created some of the smaller details while gaining 3D models for the controller to ensure timelines were kept while keeping costs down.


Realism in-situ.

Keeping USP’s separated throughout the video, with clean transitions between shots, means multiple clips can be made for use on different platforms. Whether it’s multiples ads running on Google or LinkedIn, or creating a library of reusable content to be shared organically such as the company LinkedIn page or Twitter, cuts can be delivered quickly top and tailed with company branding.


A technical challenge.

With a technically challenging series to include large scale water simulations and accurate character animations the videos are delivered to help market the Get Up Safe System and train staff. We built the scenes in such a way that subsequent videos could be created with a lower budget.