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How agritech innovations and startups are reaping the rewards of considerable funding and investment.

New technology to improve food chain sustainability has been a high priority for countries worldwide. With the knock-on effects of covid, the ongoing import/export red tape of Brexit, and world issues such as that of Ukraine’s influence on global grain supplies, it’s evident there are current and future bottlenecks to food production. These challenges have made it increasingly important for companies to invest in innovative solutions that can improve the efficiency and security of the food supply chain, for less reliability on imports and a greener future for all.

The number of Agritech startups has grown considerably, with over half of the UK companies at the seed stage of their journey (pardon the pun!). Those that focus on “upstream” innovation are well-positioned to capitalise on an increasing range of funding and investment opportunities; by developing technologies that can improve crop yields, reduce waste, enhance sustainability and achieve or even surpass net zero.

EUR 95.5 billion has been made available through the current Horizon Europe funding programme that runs from 2021-2027.

While the applications of technology range from improved soil, ai or automated crop management or vertical farming, other examples include reducing emissions and self-sustainability. New Holland is a great example and a company that needs little introduction as one of the world’s top tractor brands. They have created a fully sustainable tractor that is powered by methane gathered from manure with a process that involves collecting and storing the methane gas in a special tank installed on the farm.

How can emerging companies attract investors?

Marketing and gaining investment can be a challenge for these new sustainable agriculture technologies. Documentation and prototypes only go so far in clearly explaining the product or solution, restricting the ability to share that ambition and vision.

This is where 3D content can truly shine. Visual representations of innovations at scale aren’t reliant on a hard-copy prototype, which can be especially challenging for larger machinery. Data management or software integrations can have the larger picture painted of the agricultural journey. And processing can be explained clearly for a better understanding of the technology and applications to meet grant or investor requirements.

How DURTY can help

As an animation studio that has specialised in complicated technical processes for over 7 years, DURTY breaks down every detail of these new technologies. The content created can form a paramount library of visuals that break down every detail and share the vision to effectively market your products to your target audience with full transparency.

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