3D animation.

Why settle for anything less?

3D animation allows us to create the unfilmable, with zero boundaries and limitless possibilities.

At the core of all CGI (computer generated imagery) is a 3D virtual environment or ‘scene’. We build each element of this virtual scene, which can house anything you could possibly imagine.

Once the scene is created, we fill it with content. Not just physical things like buildings, technology and people, but also with properties such as smoke, fire and wind.

We can create something enormous, like a planet or a solar system, or something tiny, like a blood cell in a blood stream, or a particle in the air. We can even bring characters to life, making them walk and talk.

Want to merge live-shot video and CGI, for example to create a virtual building on filmed footage of a plot of land? We can do that too, creating a truly immersive video that seamlessly blends imagination and reality.

The Wow Factor

3D animation engages audiences immediately, combining movie-quality CGI and videography for a high impact. Examples include company promo films, movie-style intros, pitch videos, showcase pieces and press release announcements.

Instructional videos

Instructional videos show complicated products, processes, or concepts in an easy-to-understand fashion. Examples include installation/instructional videos, product demonstration/schematics, service offering explanations and presentations.

CGI stills

We can produce singular still images for advertising use, for example magazine and brochure covers, or background images for websites. Because we can scale CGI as large as necessary, we can even produce images large enough to be printed on the sides of buildings!

How does it work and how much does it cost?

Because anything is possible in 3D, to provide an accurate cost we will need to get an idea of what will be created within your 3D scene. Similarly, if you already have 3D assets (such as CAD models), we can usually work with these to bring the required time (and therefore cost) down.

We will work with you to produce a concept storyboard, and from there we will create your 3D assets for signoff, to make sure you are happy with the look and feel of them. Once that is done, we will animate them and produce your video for approval.

As a guide, we have produced 3D animated videos from £3k all the way up to £20k.