Our work.

Our recent projects

A selection of our recent work is showcased below. Unfortunately, a lot of the work we do is either for partners or for pitches which are locked under NDAs, meaning that we can't show it all off here.

We are happy to discuss your requirements, meet with you and show you other examples which may not be listed below.

Our showreel

Our 2D showreel


3D animation

Mezzanine International Group is a repeat client of ours, and we were their first port of call when they needed someone to create a video showcasing their new product Mezzanine7. We recommended using Octane software, a graphics renderer which enabled a fast turnaround. This meant we could incorporate a last-minute change and re-create the video just 2 days before the launch!

The challenge

Mezzanine7 is the first new product within the mezzanine industry for over 30 years, and was developed within an intensive timeframe by Mezzanine International Group. An ambitious project, this involved creating an entire virtual warehouse, with steelwork structures, conveyors and robots.

The solution

Our team created a 3D animation, collating 3D assets and providing visuals for signoff. We created the warehouse, and the steelwork structure from the provided CAD drawings. We also created a fact comparison animation, explaining the power of Mezzanine7 compared with standard Mezzanine.


Mezzanine International Group played the video on its stand at the Intralogistics event, drawing large crowds and creating a very successful launch for a new product that would go on to take the international mezzanine market by storm.

Technologies used
  • CAD drawing interpretation
  • 3D animation
  • GPU rendering
  • 2D/3D compositing

CaFE explainer

2D animated explainer video

Technologies used
  • Scripting and storyboarding
  • 2D animation
  • Motion graphics
  • Professional voiceover

2D animated explainer videos are our most popular videos for companies looking to explain their service offering in a cost-effective manner. An opportunity arose for us to create one of our 2D explainer videos for CaFE, a cashflow software solution provider.

The challenge

Typically, accountants and business owners interested in this kind of software are time poor. This meant our client needed an impactful animation which explained their solutions effectively, in a short timeframe. The subject matter also needed to be explained in a simple and easy-to-digest manner.

The solution

We produced the script along with our agency partner. Once this was approved, we put together a creative storyboard showing the style of each scene, significantly reducing the risk with the finished animation. This meant that the production and amends were completed quickly, with minimal changes required.


Our agency partner and the end client were both very pleased. The video was used to explain the service offering to new customers on the website and to pull interest from social media. It resulted in a clear ROI with an exponential growth in engagement with the website and service offering.

John Street

Live filming

We were provided with an opportunity to record a live-shot film for a John Street Beverage, a provider of beverage solutions to the trade. Pitched at high-end bars and clubs in London, the film had to show the range of services offered, and the quality of the John Street service.

The challenge

The filming took place on a single day, split between the Kent offices and the prestigious Hospital Club in London, that had a trained barista and one of the JSB coffee machines on site. Our client wanted to showcase the points at which their clients engage with them throughout the entire process.

The solution

Our team completed the video shoot within the allocated single day, at both the Kent and London locations. The filming included some technically challenging slow-motion shots of the coffee being poured. Our client wanted to accent their patented seals on the coffee bags, so we motion tracked our recorded footage and composited some labels into the footage.


Both our agency partner and John Street Beverage were very happy with the final video which showcased the companies offering and firmly established the level of quality they can provide.

Technologies used
  • Multi-camera live shoot
  • Slow motion filming
  • Motion graphics and editing
  • Motion tracking

Other recent projects

Here are some of our other recent projects. For an updated list, or if you have some project requirements you wish to discuss with us, get in touch via our contact page.

Aston Scott 2D explainer

EA-RS company promo

Syncbox 3D explainer

Mezzanine company promo

PPMA Awards 2016

Mezzanine 25th Anniversary