Our sector expertise.

Making the complicated un-complicated.

DURTY works across all sectors and disciplines.

Our CGI capabilities mean that we are not limited to any specific type of video content.

However, there are some specific sectors that we have extensive experience in. 3D visualisation lends itself particularly well to technical industry sectors, and any application which requires high-impact video or still images.

Our sector expertise.

Engineering / Manufacturing

Companies in the engineering and manufacturing sectors typically have complicated and niche products which require visualising and explaining. We can utilise 3D animation to show how your services or products help your clients or customers. We can offer cost-effective tender visualisations, show your products in-situ, and provide animated installation/usage instructions.

3D animation allows your products and services to come to life, quickly showing your offering and establishing a level of professionalism which traditional video and printed materials simply cannot match.

Our sector expertise.


Projects within the construction industry can have big budgets and even bigger competition. For the tendering process, we can create videos which instantly convey your ideas. During the project, we can perform aerial videography and merge this with your construction plans to bring the project to life and demonstrate viability.

3D animation has the benefit of being able to show any scale of construction, without the worries of health and safety, actors, on-site filming or permission from client/site managers.

Our sector expertise.


Medical devices, drugs and diseases are all complex entities that require explanation to audiences with differing levels of medical knowledge. 3D animation can be used to explain how devices should be used (to both physicians and patients), the pathogenesis of a disease or the mode of action of a drug. It’s also an excellent way of creating immersive learning materials for healthcare professionals.

DURTY has experience working with medical communications agencies and big pharma clients alike.

Our sector expertise.

Creative and communication agencies

Incredible video content will improve user retention on websites and quickly establish a level of quality for an end user. We have partnership models which allow us to work effectively with creative and communication agencies.

In addition to reduced rates, your staff can benefit from our expertise from pitch stage all the way through to project completion. We can work with your in-house design team, other videographers and your client’s technical teams to produce work which will win repeat business and open up new revenue streams.