3D animation

Why settle for anything less?

3D animation: Create the un-filmable, with zero boundaries and limitless possibilities.

We create 3D animations with CGI, also known as Computer Generated Imagery.  Most people’s minds turn to special effects in the movies when they think of CGI. That’s one application; we use CGI to bring technical ideas and products to life.

How does 3D animation work?

CGI is based around a 3D virtual environment or ‘scene’. We build this virtual scene in specialist software. It can show anything you could possibly imagine.

Once we’ve created the scene, we fill it with 3D content. This content may be built by us from reference plans or photos, it could be supplied by your CAD team, or we might buy it online in the same way you buy other digital assets.

To set your animation apart, we do more than add physical objects like buildings, technology and machinery. We simulate elements such as smoke, wind and fire for mind-blowing realism.

What can you use it for?

Using 3D animation we can create something enormous, like a planet or a solar system.

Thinking on a smaller scale? How about a blood cell in a blood stream or a dust particle in the air?

What if you want to merge live-shot video and CGI? How about a virtual building on filmed footage of a plot of land? We can do that too. Our skilled creators and top-grade equipment create videos that blend imagination and reality so seamlessly, you’ll struggle to work out what’s real and what’s not.

The WOW factor

Grab attention from your audience at trade shows, on websites and in sales meetings, and make your USPs memorable. 3D animation packs a punch and sets your business apart from the competition with its slick, good looks.

Instructional videos

Instructional videos make complicated products, processes and concepts easier to understand. They’re perfect for installation videos, product demos and service offering presentations.

CGI stills

Get into the detail with cutaway still images. They’re ideal for websites, brochures and installation manuals. Because we can scale our renders as large as necessary, we can even produce images large enough to be printed on the sides of buildings!

How much does 3D animation cost?

The price of your 3D animation is directly related to the complexity of your job. Because of this we need some information from you before we’re able to give you an accurate cost.

As a guide, we have produced 3D animated videos from £3,000 all the way up to £20,000. That’s quite a range, we know.

To give you a more accurate cost, we need to know:

  • What your 3D scene will include
  • A rough idea of a running order (we will help you develop a script and storyboard)
  • If you already have 3D assets such as CAD models (we will need examples of these to give you a price)

How long does it take?

Typically, 3D animation projects take between 6-8 weeks. However, we have delivered projects within days before (when required by the client).

We will work with you to produce a script and concept storyboard. We then create your 3D assets for approval, making sure you are happy with their appearance and accuracy. Once your assets are complete, we animate them and produce your video for approval.

We have refined our workflow over a number of years to ensure we are the easiest to work with, factoring changes and flexibility where possible.

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