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Make your customers as excited about your product as you are

No matter what your industry, engineering and manufacturing projects share a common problem: explaining your product impactfully, quickly and clearly.

Catching your audience’s attention is difficult enough. How can you keep them interested for long enough to tell them what’s unique and special about your product?

CGI and 3D animation will set your product apart. Use them to show your product’s potential in-situ and show how it’s different to everyone else on the market. Crystal-clear demonstrations will tell your customers how you can help them with problems they didn’t even know they had. Price objections will melt away.

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    Visualising product concepts and designs from CAD software.

    We offer import pipelines from almost all CAD packages. CGI images and videos help you sell from design, gather market feedback, and build excitement around an upcoming product launch with video teasers. And all before your first physical product is built and installed.

    Educational explainer

    Explaining product benefits and providing installation guidance.

    CGI lets you visually explain and demonstrate your product in-situ using cutaways to show what’s going on behind the scenes. You can also show your product working alongside other products in your range without filming limitations or health and safety concerns.


    Marketing a suite of exciting product content.

    CGI lets you work more effectively from project funding through to sale. Once we’ve made your products and environments we can quickly create impactful and easy-to-digest content for your sales and marketing activity. Attract and convert viewers and pre-qualify your leads by giving them as much information as possible before they get in contact.

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