Interactive content

Taking 3D animations one step further

Bring your digital content to life with interactive content.

Interactive content puts your audience in control. They choose what to engage with and what to leave aside. It’s as helpful on a website as it is when you’re selling face to face at an exhibition or trade show.

You can use any digital platform to share your content – websites, touchscreens, iPads, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.


Ready to get serious about engagement? Bring your website to life by adapting your 3D animation so it reacts to user input. Make it react to your viewers scrolling down the page or add interactive elements like rollover hotspots. Tried, tested and impactful, these tools are proven to increase engagement.

Your viewers can digest the content at their own pace and learn more about the details they’re interested in. Interactivity means better ROI because you can make your visitors’ actions trackable and send users to relevant pages for more information. Want to move enquiries through your sales funnel? It’s a cinch with interactivity.

Touchscreens and iPads

Take your 3D content one step further with apps that let your users get hands-on with your products. Running on an iPad or a large format touch screen, these interactive formats are similar to a video game. They let users move around and interact with or control the objects on-screen. These apps are an incredible way to demonstrate your products in a showroom or at an exhibition.

Imagine a large-format touchscreen which shows your full  product range. Users can examine your products in detail by spinning them round and zooming  in. They can blow the products apart to see their components and can even select a product and see it in-action within a process environment. With all of the elements reenacting a real-life process,  the user can move around the process and interact with various stages of the product functionality to get a feeling for how your product can work in their organisation.

A long-term partnership

Producing your CGI assets is often an iterative process. You may start with a series of images, move into the world of video and then move into interactive media or VR.

We’ve built our technology stack to give you complete flexibility. Think there’s a chance you’ll move into interactive media in the future? We will build your assets and a full environment from the first project. This gives you the best cost-efficiency and keeps your approach and identity uniform across all formats for an all-round better way to work.

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