Digital marketing

Knowing your product as well as you do

Got attention-grabbing technical content?

Don’t lock it away.

How do you get the best out of your shiny new CGI content and put it in front of as many potential customers as possible? You need your content to work hard for you and drive a strong ROI and proven leads.

We’d go so far as to say that marketing your content is as important as creating the content in the first place.

It’s challenging because simply understanding the media channels, such as LinkedIn or YouTube, isn’t enough. In the world of technical marketing, users are focused and respond to facts and solutions. Not buzzwords. Catching their interest starts with eye-catching content. But getting conversions takes more.

You need to add real value and speak in a way your customers understand.

Our approach

Our approach has two focuses:

  1. Driving your website’s organic SEO performance with a library of useful content for your users to engage with
  2. Running PPC/paid campaigns to drive traffic to your website and awareness of your products and brands

As awareness builds and more people interact with your content, your organic traffic will increase and you may choose to reduce your paid spend.

Content kings

Planning and executing campaigns can be tough. And so can staying relevant and present all year round. And that’s the case whether you have an in-house marketing team or use a paid agency.

Because we’ve helped you build your digital content, we’re already product experts and know the score when it comes to how you operate. We also have an arsenal of awesome content ready to go.

There’s no onboarding for you to schedule, no arduous procurement sign-off and no new team to get to grips with. In fact, we’re ready to go as soon as you are.

We’ll plan your campaigns, create and translate the content and set it up across different channels. And our results-focused approach means we’ll continue to run and report on your campaigns to measure success and take learnings for future campaigns.

How does our digital marketing service work?

We provide our digital marketing on a retainer basis. This gives you an easily-budgeted monthly spend and allows us to manage our time between content creation and digital marketing.

We can build a content bank for you when times are quiet or your team is stretched and focus on driving leads during show seasons and around product launches.

Let us help you with:

  • Content authoring (visual/video content and written)
  • Microsite/website development
  • Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager setup
  • Organic content planning (SEO) and campaign strategy planning (PPC)
  • Campaign setup and execution
  • Monthly reporting and recommendations
  • Training and handover for your in-house team

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