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How we do what we do

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Since no two projects are alike, each project needs a production process tailored to its goals
In other words, we adapt to deliver what you want.

We draft storyboards, we create assets from scratch, and we even imagine a big “Create 3D Video” button, but, in the end, we always fall back on the familiar checkpoints which have allowed us to deliver so many successful videos over the years.

Below, we outline the main stages we go through to get from the initial idea to a finished and exciting animation.

The Initial Phase

Everything we do at this stage affects the end product; it’s crucial to get things right. Well planned is well done. Understanding what we have to work with allows us to plan accordingly and set out realistic timelines for delivery.

  • Do you already have 3D assets in Solidworks, AutoCad, or any other software package?


  • Would you like our help with the script or storyboard? We can take care of the voiceover. Or we can review your structure to ensure the video flows well from shot to shot. It’s up to you.


  • How long do you want the video to be? The script and the storyboard will determine both the length of the video and what’s shown in each shot.


  • How complex are the products or scenes? It takes time to create the quality character animation (people) and particle simulation (liquids) that achieves the level of realism we’re both happy with.

At DURTY, we put in the hours and the work to get to know your product as well as you do. Reference videos or photos of a product working can really help us understand exactly how it works, and therefore how to show that in 3D.

(for those who are interested)

We use Cinema4D with Octane for most of our 3D work and Adobe’s AfterEffects for composition. If you already have 3D assets, we can import the models directly into C4D; although this saves production time and cost, we might still have to optimise them. When using models from different software packages, things don’t always work as expected because the original model is usually created for manufacture or design purposes rather than animation. 

When we add lighting, textures or animated parts, edges of surfaces can create anomalies with textures or lighting and we might need to recreate some parts. This is still much quicker than creating from scratch!

If we need to create models, the more information we have, the better. This includes photographs of products, videos of machinery working, technical drawings or even actual products––as long as they’re not too large!


Models created, lighting set, camera shots lined up. In most cases, we’ll create a preview render of images or videos for you to check if there’s anything we need to change before the final renders. We do this because some textures, lighting or particle simulations can take multiple days to render––and sometimes even longer!––while a preview can be completed within a few hours.


We create a rough-cut for the preview render, but with the 3D renders complete, further editing is needed. This includes any backing soundtracks, voiceovers, text, and logos that appear on screen. We also include some animations and certain custom effects like transparent surfaces or flares.

When we’re happy with the work, it’s ready for you to review. We’ll upload it to which we use for notes of comments or changes: it’s a little like Word review comments, but for video.


We have multiple review points throughout the process to ensure you’re happy with the final product. However, it’s important to note that just because some changes seem minor, depending on the shots of the video, they can sometimes force us to repeat the entire process all over again. As an example, a forgotten step in the process will mean additional 3D shots, animations rigged, additional voiceover recordings, new composition, new 3D and final render…

We’re always transparent with what we do.

If you have any questions please leave a comment or get in touch via our contact form, by email or phone.
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Automation & Logistics – Covid19 impact

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We try to keep the finger on the pulse of the automation and logistics industry, so we can share the right advice and knowledge when you need it.
Time? Resources? Money? Cancelled event? Or something else altogether? A conversation doesn’t impede much on any of these – and we want to help.

Unprecedented seems to be the word of the month. “Stay safe” goes beyond that of protecting the most vulnerable and restricting the spread of the dreaded Covid. What does that mean for the businesses you work for; for the work and employees’ future? How can you still ensure success for your company and sales as a business?

With many people now working from home, internet use has broken records for business meetings, increased use of social for networking and more videos watched than ever – with streaming services throttling quality to cope with demand. It’s an opportunity, but there’s still the question of what’s right to show and how best to get it in front of the right audiences.
We’re not a fan of the direct-sales approach, but we do want to help. And to do that, we’d like to ask what your current main challenges are. Is it resources, time, money or something else? We might not have the answer to all your problems, but we may be able to help in advising what you could do now or plan for the future.
Please do let us know…

…and we’ll make sure we post those questions and answers in posts over the next few weeks so everyone can benefit.

We’re all in this together, so tell us what you want and we’ll give it to you free of charge.
Stay safe.
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New site launch

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For those of you that have followed us a while now, you may have noticed a few changes on our website.

We’ve relaunched and overhauled the content to focus on the customer journey; by helping inform our audience in the processes of how we work, the benefits of CGI and regular BLOG POSTS. Speaking of which, although we have a list of content to publish over the next few months we would LOVE to find out what YOU would want to read. We want our content to be your content; content that will help you make the best decisions for your business to grow successfully; content you want to engage with. And we have a lot of ideas to get started!

Understanding the possibilities

Maybe it’s the different CGI styles, what affects the turnaround time of a project or how realistic certain aspects like water or gas can behave in an animation? Knowing what is possible or more complex within a CGI project gives a better idea on overall cost and completion time. Almost anything is possible but if you have a deadline or tight budget a conversation about what’s possible within those constraints can be really helpful.

Becoming partners

It might be how we work closely with our clients, or why we’re unlike any other studio or agency you’ve worked with. We’re a studio that keeps the animation in-house and get to know your product inside out – we have to, so that we can animate them accurately!

Advice, news or reviews

Or it could be our views on the upcoming disruption tech, free advice on marketing budgeting or just what our favourite pizza toppings are? Virtual & augmented reality along with configurator tools may be the “shiniest” of marketing tools but it doesn’t work for every idea. Honest advice is important and we don’t upsell when it’s not the best option – or in some cases sell at all. Ensuring clients are ready and fully understand what options are available to them is important to us. Then, when they are ready, we can create some awesome visuals.

There’s more?

In addition, we have some full case studies of past and present partnerships that highlight the solutions we worked through together. We’re as transparent as can be and go through each step of the process, some of which you may relate to; from initial planning to ROI and results. You can judge for yourself how we worked with those clients and solving those pain-points on both sides of the partnership early.

There’s also a streamlined yet expanded (if that makes sense?!) suite of services that we can provide beyond our CGI; assisting you in getting the most out of those projects through marketing strategies, content plans or exploring other platforms. SEO? Paid marketing? Social? From our offices too! Who best to market your products then those who know them as well as you do after creating accurate visual assets.

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How we do what we do


New site launch


Automation & Logistics – Covid19 impact

The “C” Word – making the most of it

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COVID-19 – it’s running the world at the moment and we’re all running about like a bunch of headless chickens.

But what about you? As a marketer, you’re now working from home (because you’ve been told you can). You aren’t a key worker, so maybe you have a house full of children to contend with. Your spend is on hold, as are your trade shows. Great. I mean, it’s not like you spent long preparing for them. Everyone knows you just use the same stand as last year, it costs less, and everything goes perfectly swimmingly, right? You’re basically guaranteed more business than last year!

You can bet that once it’s all blown over, senior management will be expecting a tasty pipeline of leads ready for sales. All product launches will be back on track with the same deadlines. Somehow, you’re expected to magic this from thin air.

So, what can you do with your time spent at home, whether it’s social distancing or working?


And how can we help?

So, what can you do with your time spent at home, whether it’s social distancing or working? And how can we help?

Remember that marketing or content plan that never happened? All those courses and YouTube tutorials you were going to watch so you could finally get on top of making your own content and running campaigns? The end to paying loads of money to SEO specialists and marketing experts who don’t really understand all your technical content and the niche needs of your audiences?

We aren’t judging. We’ve been there too, and we want to help you make the best use of this social distancing. That means a short series of useful, practical content. Written for you in layman’s terms and in delicious bite size chunks.

Sharing the knowledge

We’ll be posting some helpful hints and tips over the next few weeks to get your marketing working for you 24/7, not just a few times a year at trade shows and events. We’ll also address some easy practical methods for planning your content and getting enough detail to your marketing partners without having to do all the work yourself.


Tell us what YOU need

Tell us what you want to know, or what your biggest challenges are. Managing multiple external marketing suppliers? Battling internal stakeholder buy-in to digital marketing spend? Don’t know where to start with organising your technical marketing content? Whatever you need, tell us and we’ll address it anonymously in our posts.

Email, DM, comment, phone call, whatever works for you – our details are below.

FREE examples – yes, FREE

Want to explore CGI/3D animation? If you already have CAD models, we’re happy to give a free example of how it would look re-textured and rendered.

Just put us in touch with your technical design team and we’ll do the rest.

We’re all in this together, so tell us what you want and we’ll give it to you free of charge.
Stay safe.
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