Flexibility and accuracy

Complex, niche products and solutions

Explaining medical devices, drugs and diseases can be difficult. They’re complex entities that require careful explanation. Not only that, you need to explain them to audiences who have varying levels of medical knowledge.

CGI and 3D animation help in several ways. Use them to explain how devices should be used to physicians and patients, to explain the pathogenesis of a disease or to explain the mode of action of a drug. CGI and 3D animation can also help you create immersive learning materials for healthcare professionals.

Medical animation projects need flexibility and accuracy.

We get it

Our solid experience ranges across several therapy areas with over 10 years’ experience. We’ve worked with medical communications agencies and big pharma. This means we understand the need to facilitate multi-stakeholder sign-off, stay flexible through your project and above all, make your scientific content interesting.

Complex, niche products and solutions

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    Visualise organic or medical tools to any level of knowledge

    Medical explainer animations can show mechanisms at an organ, cellular and protein level. Choose to supplement these with a voiceover, or insert them behind the talking head of a key opinion leader as they guide the viewer through the content. The result?  Maximum engagement.


    Making scientific content both engaging and accessible

    Research shows that people remember information more easily when they’re truly engaged in the content and put in control of their own learning. 

    Interactive 3D content using websites, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality takes learners on an immersive journey and puts them control of the content they consume. They can dig deeper into areas they find more interesting for a personalised learning experience.


    Connect with your audience from start to finish

    Grab attention at medical conferences or symposia. Place your viewers on the surface of a cell with interactive AR experiences on iPads, large format table-top touchscreen applications and immersive VR experiences. We can help your team with ideas and ballpark costs for potential applications to make your next event the most memorable yet.

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