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Few industries move as quickly as construction

Rapid innovation, modern construction methods for off-site manufacturing, the pressures of climate change and the challenges of training a multilingual workforce add to the complexity.

CGI can be a powerful visualisation tool in construction. Use it to demonstrate your product’s benefits or to bring your build project to life for stakeholders. We can work with your team, speaking on their terms, to translate CAD/BIM into incredibly engaging content pieces.

CGI makes construction management easier thanks to the way it can show any scale and phase of construction without the worries of health & safety, actors, on-site filming or permission from client or site managers. It also makes “value add” across the supply chain easier to demonstrate. That’s because you can show the complete life cycle from specifying and installation through to delivery and maintenance in one seamless experience.

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    Visualise build projects, construction phasing and construction methods.

    The built environment is moving to a “digital twin” model with the adoption of BIM and CAD modelling. We offer import pipelines from almost all CAD packages and have worked extensively with BIM models. Using CGI images and videos lets you sell off-plan, engage stakeholders and clearly manage scope and costs across the project for an easier and more cost-effective way to do business.


    Explaining a product or project using technical 3D animation and interaction.

    Work with an agency who knows the ropes. Our experience in construction has given us a thorough understanding of project lifecycles. We can help at all stages; from commissioning and delivery through to completion and aftercare. Use CGI to explain and support the value you bring to the chain.

    The result? Faster, more lucrative and less painful project sign-offs.


    Marketing a suite of exciting product content

    CGI lets you work more effectively from conception through to sale. Once we’ve made your products and environments we can quickly create eye-catching and easy-to-digest content to use in your sales and marketing activity. Architects want to be inspired, specifiers want to see options and installers want to see compatibility.

    Give them all they want using CGI.

    Construction case studies

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