Client: Koolmill

Case Study

A revolution for the rice milling industry.

Quick facts:

  • R&D project working under the Innovate UK guidelines
  • Educational technical explainer video
  • Protecting sensitive (patented) elements
  • Visually focused

About the client.

Koolmill is a UK company, based in Solihull, and has pioneered the development of a globally significant technology in rice milling. Having developed an innovative milling process for a food that feeds over 3.3 billion people worldwide, their solution aims to reduce power consumption, reduce waste and increase output.

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The challenge.

Koolmill needed an animation which could be used to educate viewers about the shortfalls in existing rice milling solutions. Their main USP’s are straightforward, improving on many aspects of the milling process, but these aren’t readily visible inside the Koolmill so the client wanted to show these visually to connect with their worldwide audience (who may not be native English speaking).

Our solution.

Using CGI removes the boundaries with traditional filming for Koolmill (which wasn’t as exciting). Being a new and exciting product, Koolmill wanted to explore a more exciting, dynamic and edgy style.  The inner workings of the machine and the benefits vs shortfalls in existing technologies were displayed without revealing patented design elements.

Watch the animation

“It’s looking great, we are really impressed with what you have managed to do in such a short time! It looks brilliant, really good job guys.”

Michael O'DonnellProduct Lead, Koolmill

Animation that transcends all languages.

The final animation was designed to be simple, easy to follow graphically and without the requirement in understanding the voiceover or text on screen. This facilitates presentations to any non-English speaking audiences but also allows quick amended versions to be created as and when required. It’s the perfect blend of beauty and usability!


The alternative to photography.

It can be difficult, if not downright impossible, to show the inside of some machinery while it’s being operated. Logistical or safety concerns are not a barrier while other imagery such as example branded end products can be kept within the same style, lighting and environment as the machinery themselves. CGI removes those limitations, and we were able to give Koolmill just what they needed for their game-changing product.


Beginning creation early to smash those deadlines.

All too familiar with tight deadlines, our production process allows pre-production before storyboards are even approved – we know what will be shown no matter what the finalised script and can begin optimising models and animating camera movements for shots. It’s not always a drawn out process of waiting for sign offs before our work begins.


Realism, in-situ and on screen.

The client shared images of typical installation environments and we built a mezzanine platform to support the product, along with ducting and material bags to establish scale and a typical working environment. The camera angles were used specifically to work with these elements, and to avoid needing complex material simulations which were not possible within the time and budget constraints.