Product videos focusing on USP’s across a range of solutions

Key facts
  • Commissioned for a single video which became a partnership for over 16 animations across 3 product ranges
  • Accurate simulations of plastic pellets
  • Showcasing USP’s for multiple uses
  • Translated to 8 languages
  • Helping inform customers
About the client

Founded way back in 1977 Maguire Products “is a global technology leader in Materials Handling systems for plastics molding, extrusion and compounding”. They know their stuff, and as an industry leader wanted to update their marketing content. What started as a single animation grew considerably and to this day we are a proud partner with continuing to develop multiple videos.

"DURTY are very responsive and happy to jump on a call to explain something or to help solve a problem. When sharing a brief for a showreel, DURTY offered to come up with a completely different spin."

Vicky Shackelford, Marketing ManagerMaguire Products

The challenge

Particle simulation is one of the more complicated of CGI animations to complete. It’s important to get the movement of sometimes thousands of individual pieces as realistic as possible.

For plastic pellets, en masse they act as a kind of heavy liquid and getting the hundreds of pellets to behave appropriately took some time to get right.

Our solution

As the first animation grew to many, Maguire wanted a consistent look and feel across all product videos. From the start, we worked closely with their team and helped refine their supplied storyboards.

Each video within each product series focused on different USP’s and while keeping the same feel across all included multiple graphics animations on top of the 3D cgi of each product.

How it works

CGI explainer


Working holistically

Working primarily with the marketing manager, they collated feedback from a wide range of stakeholder with varying technical affinity and roles within Maguire.

With the addition of some being overseas, and the delay of traditional email communication, we setup a feedback system that was easy to use for all on each animation we produced.


More videos

We recommended making AluExcel the star of the show with a video that would highlight its many benefits and its ease of installation.

An engaging video would add interest to the microsite and explain the benefits of AluExcel more easily than could have been done with words or images. 


Our partnership

It’s not just videos to share with potential customers directly. With a whole series of animations these can easily be tailored for social media or online advertising, usually with quick completion times too.

DURTY were also happy to have several conversations during the research stage, which made me feel confident in their abilities with C4D, taking CAD files and developing these into 3D animation.

Vicky Shackelford, Marketing Manager

“We’ve had such great feedback from our sales team and global partners – they just want more as it’s helping to sell technically difficult products!”

Vicky Shackelford, Marketing Manager at Maguire Products

Feedback within Maguire sparked interest across their European counterparts and (to date) we have translated the full series of videos into 8 languages.

By building the understanding and assets around the client’s products, we were able to offer added value for the future such as creating additional videos in the future.

We used these assets to create their exhibition showreels in just a few weeks. By working with a content partner across multiple projects it reduces turnaround time and cost.

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