A multi-level scene to showcase a large range of products and the installation process

Key facts
  • End-to-end solution of a master scene animation
  • Products, architecture & flora created and animated accurately
  • 3-tier terrace that showcases dozens of products
  • Multiple edits & cuts for social and CPD
About the client

Kinley Systems Limited supply and install outdoor architecture supplies for commercial landscape projects. Their range is used by landscape architects, designers, contractors and developers.

"The team went above and beyond to ensure that we were thrilled with the whole project, that also included awesome CGI."

Frances D'Ardenne, Marketing ManagerKinley Systems Limited

The challenge

In the second post of the Kinley Series, the Terrace Master Scene Animation presented the biggest project Durty had ever completed*. Hundreds of hours, dozens of products, billions of polygons and so many flowers that our 3D generalist (Sean) could challenge the most adept in flora knowledge.

Early in the planning of content and assets for the many products Kinley have on offer, the idea was pitched to create the “Master Scene”; a multi platformed terrace that included all of their products, not just a small number.

Being able to explain the entire solution that Kinley can offer allows for a single video to show an overview of their catalogue to potential customers, while having a base to create multiple future videos with different shots.

Our solution

We wanted to do more than just hand over some beautiful installation images, so we began with “discovery workshops”. These focused on finding the important answers to questions that either the customer had when searching for a product or to improve the workflow for the sales team.

A “Master Scene” that was split over three levels allowed us to showcase a large range of products, installation processes and example finished layouts.

We worked closely with Kinley’s CAD team to ensure everything down to the last bolt was millimetre accurate and the stage of installation were true to life.

See the main video

Master terrace


More on the workshops

Discussions included the most profitable project type for the company, common issues faced by clients and knowledge gaps the sales team may encounter when speaking to prospects. Each department had a representative and a lot of exploration highlighted improvement in information that even we weren’t expecting!

And yet, by asking these questions, there was a better focus on the most important messages to get across in the content; the most profitable projects can be highlighted in product breakdowns; answering common questions clients have to improve conversion rates; and saving time on these conversions by making sure they are already enabled with the right knowledge to purchase.


The creation

Then began the creation of the terraces. Kinley had already built a reputation on their isometric edging shots and we wanted something similar that would build authority over time. Not only did it have to be technically accurate (which included every joist, tile and bolt) it needed to look realistic and relatable. While some of the products could be created from scratch or modified with CAD models that were already available, a lot of time was invested into getting the visuals perfect – with flora.


Enter the landscape architect

We asked how the work we rendered could stand out from similar work and she said that what let down other CGI’s in the past was the realism of flowers and trees; they would either be low quality or not animated. Going above and beyond, Sean’s journey of floral expertise included creating accurate models of over 20 species and 3 trees all in correct bloom.

In addition, each of these were individually rigged and animated to react naturally to wind, and each with dynamic shadows.

“If you’re looking for a business that passionately wants to help drive sales then DURTY is for you!”

Frances D’Ardenne, Marketing Manager at Kinley

For transparency, this certainly had significant upfront investment due to the number of images, animations and product CGI’s that were created throughout the process. We have a retainer framework which allows clients to manage the time and financial commitment for all budget types and a commitment period of 6-12 months for added flexibility.

The “end product” is technically still ongoing. As the majority of assets are already created (with new products being drafted as they get added to the catalogue) the foundations are already in place, even for something like a brand new animation. Multiple short social clips can be created or different camera angles or routes can be adjusted and rendered for original shots years down the line.

If you have a large number of products you would group as a solution, or are looking for a suite of marketing materials in the most time/cost efficient way there are plenty of options available.

From a single CGI image, to an animation and beyond into VR or AR.

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