Creating an end-to-end campaign, including all assets, and delivering an astounding ROI

Key facts
  • 3D product animation including social clips
  • Isometric product cutaways
  • Campaign microsite built on WordPress
  • Interactive product calculator developed
  • Incredible ROI
About the client

Kinley Systems Limited supply and install outdoor architecture supplies for commercial landscape projects. Their range is used by landscape architects, designers, contractors and developers.

"An unprecedented and dramatic year-on-year increase in sales."

Frances D'Ardenne, Marketing ManagerKinley Systems Limited

The challenge

With a broad portfolio and new product innovation, Kinley’s edging range and star product, AluExcel, was in danger of losing focus. Kinley briefed us to drive sales of their range by:

  • Raising awareness of the ExcelEdge product range
  • Promoting AluExcel alongside the broader range
  • Helping their customers choose the right product for their projects

Busy and under pressure, the team didn’t have the capacity to create a firm brief or provide content for the project. We needed to work across the business with several teams to fully understand the product and customer base.

Our solution

Kinley trusted us to work across their business with multiple stakeholders and to create a plan that would answer their challenge.

We developed individual solo product stills showing the different size options and finishes available, ensuring the stills showed the flexibility of the product. We also produced an isometric image showing how the product was installed.

We then animated these assets and took case study images from the client to create a video explaining product use and installation. This video was then sliced into social-media friendly USP chunks.

We then built a single-page WordPress campaign site which made all of these elements interactive and included a custom-built edging calculator.

See the campaign in action

The AluExcel campaign microsite was so successful that after the campaign finished, it was integrated into the main Kinley website (taking all the positive traffic with it).

There is a version available for you to see by clicking the button below:

Visit the microsite

AluExcel isometric slider


Why a microsite?

EdgeExcel had been suffering from a lack of focus, so our priority was to make it stand out. We recommended building a separate WordPress microsite – something we could do quickly and cost-effectively.

Although housing the project on the existing website was feasible, building a separate microsite was a better option because:

  • It gave the EdgeExcel range complete focus and a unique URL we could drive hard for strong SEO performance
  • We could house complex tools which would have been challenging to incorporate into the parent website within the short time frame
  • It was a cost-effective opportunity to test functionality of the tools without risk to the parent website
  • It was easier to measure activity ROI. We could use Google Analytics to track interaction and measure the success of the activity
  • We could easily replicate the microsite, translating the content for other markets if required


Give AluExcel star status

We recommended making AluExcel the star of the show with a video that would highlight its many benefits and its ease of installation. An engaging video would add interest to the microsite and explain the benefits of AluExcel more easily than could have been done with words or images. 


Make it easier to choose the right product

To make the selection process simpler we recommended developing an interactive product selector. Website visitors would answer easy questions to get a recommendation for the most suitable product. They could then read more about that option and watch demonstration videos to see fitting details.

Initially, Kinley were unsure – they’d attempted something similar in the past and had found it too unwieldy. We asked them to leave the problem with us, and we found a way to simplify the process to just 3 questions – simple to execute and use. 


Use social-friendly content to drive traffic

A microsite and its content are only useful if the target audience can find it – Kinley would need to draw potential customers to the microsite with engaging and informative content. We proposed repurposing the AluExcel video to create information-rich snippets that would stand out on social media and raise awareness of their priority product line. As a bonus, Kinley would be able to deliver a digital campaign for very little additional budget.

“An unprecedented and dramatic year-on-year increase in sales”

Frances D’Ardenne, Marketing Manager at Kinley

They’re not our words – that’s how Kinley described the results of the campaign. Google Analytics were just as strong with a staggering 80% of all site visitors using the Edging Product Selector.

What’s more, in addition to strong page performance, the microsite was easy to find. It outranked the parent website by the time the campaign ended, helped by the strong social media campaign, using the repurposed content.

By leveraging our skills across CGI, animation, website design and digital marketing, we were able to support Kinley with content that exceeded expectations.

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