Bringing a century-old company and their brand new product to the forefront of the industry

Key facts
  • New product with a single prototype at the time of project
  • A real British success story
  • Part of a wider solution with other products to follow
  • CGI build and animation including complicated particle physics
  • Images rendered for a printed brochure
About the client

Blaker has been around since 1905, orignally based in Islington North London. Their mainstay is the repairing of industrial machinery alongside many metalworking services.

The challenge

As a very innovative solution, unlike anything else on the market, it was important for us to know the product as well as the producers.

Aside from that, the biggest challenge was the difficult simulation required with the sand – to behave as a “dry liquid” when air is passed through it.

This required a commitment from DURTY for R&D time to achieve the realism to do the product justice.

Our solution

We created a two and a half minute animation explaining the process of scrap separation within their Sandflo product.

We worked closely with the Blaker team, including an in-person visit to their site to see Sandflo working firsthand and gain a true understanding of how it worked.

The animation acted as a precursor for additional marketing stills for print and a shorter teaser animation on the run-up to launch.

First, a teaser video

Then, the explainer


A new product for a new venture

Entering a traditional market for the first time is one of the most important. You need to grab attention, inspire curiosity and understand what the product does and how it can improve your own business. Especially as a brand new product to market there’s the additional barrier of convincing potential clients it not only works but can revolutionise a production line.

We’re in no way taking away the ingenuity of Blaker Tech’s “Sandflo” machine, but we’ll proudly say we played our part in Blaker’s journey to success and securing sales within the industry.


Using your CAD assets

Working with both the client and their CAD company allowed us to gather most of the 3D assets we needed. This still required time to optimise the models for animation, including some rebuilding of the elements, but this always helps in reducing production time/costs.

3D animation allows visualising otherwise impossible situations. In this case, it was showing how scrap metal behaved within a blanket of sand – how heavier pieces sank to the bottom and less dense pieces stayed on top for separation. While video can show some of this, its restrictions would have needed less appealing overlays of some sort to help explain the process.


Helping us understand your product

Video is still helpful (at least for us!). And footage from their iPhones to show how each part of the separation process works beyond the visit to location.

Not only does this help us ensuring what is being shown is correct but is an easy way for clients to show a process without the need for deciphering PDF documents or models.

“My first impression is WOW! It looks amazing.”

Kate Russell, Marketing Manager at Spark

As with many projects, we worked to a strict timeline and ensured completion with time for any personal amendments before launch.

Feedback from Blaker Tech has been overwhelmingly positive. More products are in the pipeline as Sandflo is part of a wider solution and the print items and video are both already being used to secure sales for Blaker.

From scripting & story boarding through to multiple animations and printed documents, CGI isn’t solely around creating an engaging video but helping you in multiple ways to get in front of potential new customers.

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