COVID-19 – it’s running the world at the moment and we’re all running about like a bunch of headless chickens.

But what about you? As a marketer, you’re now working from home (because you’ve been told you can). You aren’t a key worker, so maybe you have a house full of children to contend with. Your spend is on hold, as are your trade shows. Great. I mean, it’s not like you spent long preparing for them. Everyone knows you just use the same stand as last year, it costs less, and everything goes perfectly swimmingly, right? You’re basically guaranteed more business than last year!

You can bet that once it’s all blown over, senior management will be expecting a tasty pipeline of leads ready for sales. All product launches will be back on track with the same deadlines. Somehow, you’re expected to magic this from thin air.

So, what can you do with your time spent at home, whether it’s social distancing or working?


And how can we help?

So, what can you do with your time spent at home, whether it’s social distancing or working? And how can we help?

Remember that marketing or content plan that never happened? All those courses and YouTube tutorials you were going to watch so you could finally get on top of making your own content and running campaigns? The end to paying loads of money to SEO specialists and marketing experts who don’t really understand all your technical content and the niche needs of your audiences?

We aren’t judging. We’ve been there too, and we want to help you make the best use of this social distancing. That means a short series of useful, practical content. Written for you in layman’s terms and in delicious bite size chunks.

Sharing the knowledge

We’ll be posting some helpful hints and tips over the next few weeks to get your marketing working for you 24/7, not just a few times a year at trade shows and events. We’ll also address some easy practical methods for planning your content and getting enough detail to your marketing partners without having to do all the work yourself.


Tell us what YOU need

Tell us what you want to know, or what your biggest challenges are. Managing multiple external marketing suppliers? Battling internal stakeholder buy-in to digital marketing spend? Don’t know where to start with organising your technical marketing content? Whatever you need, tell us and we’ll address it anonymously in our posts.

Email, DM, comment, phone call, whatever works for you – our details are below.

FREE examples – yes, FREE

Want to explore CGI/3D animation? If you already have CAD models, we’re happy to give a free example of how it would look re-textured and rendered.

Just put us in touch with your technical design team and we’ll do the rest.

We’re all in this together, so tell us what you want and we’ll give it to you free of charge.
Stay safe.
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