For those of you that have followed us a while now, you may have noticed a few changes on our website.

We’ve relaunched and overhauled the content to focus on the customer journey; by helping inform our audience in the processes of how we work, the benefits of CGI and regular BLOG POSTS. Speaking of which, although we have a list of content to publish over the next few months we would LOVE to find out what YOU would want to read. We want our content to be your content; content that will help you make the best decisions for your business to grow successfully; content you want to engage with. And we have a lot of ideas to get started!

Understanding the possibilities

Maybe it’s the different CGI styles, what affects the turnaround time of a project or how realistic certain aspects like water or gas can behave in an animation? Knowing what is possible or more complex within a CGI project gives a better idea on overall cost and completion time. Almost anything is possible but if you have a deadline or tight budget a conversation about what’s possible within those constraints can be really helpful.

Becoming partners

It might be how we work closely with our clients, or why we’re unlike any other studio or agency you’ve worked with. We’re a studio that keeps the animation in-house and get to know your product inside out – we have to, so that we can animate them accurately!

Advice, news or reviews

Or it could be our views on the upcoming disruption tech, free advice on marketing budgeting or just what our favourite pizza toppings are? Virtual & augmented reality along with configurator tools may be the “shiniest” of marketing tools but it doesn’t work for every idea. Honest advice is important and we don’t upsell when it’s not the best option – or in some cases sell at all. Ensuring clients are ready and fully understand what options are available to them is important to us. Then, when they are ready, we can create some awesome visuals.

There’s more?

In addition, we have some full case studies of past and present partnerships that highlight the solutions we worked through together. We’re as transparent as can be and go through each step of the process, some of which you may relate to; from initial planning to ROI and results. You can judge for yourself how we worked with those clients and solving those pain-points on both sides of the partnership early.

There’s also a streamlined yet expanded (if that makes sense?!) suite of services that we can provide beyond our CGI; assisting you in getting the most out of those projects through marketing strategies, content plans or exploring other platforms. SEO? Paid marketing? Social? From our offices too! Who best to market your products then those who know them as well as you do after creating accurate visual assets.

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