We try to keep the finger on the pulse of the automation and logistics industry, so we can share the right advice and knowledge when you need it.
Time? Resources? Money? Cancelled event? Or something else altogether? A conversation doesn’t impede much on any of these – and we want to help.

Unprecedented seems to be the word of the month. “Stay safe” goes beyond that of protecting the most vulnerable and restricting the spread of the dreaded Covid. What does that mean for the businesses you work for; for the work and employees’ future? How can you still ensure success for your company and sales as a business?

With many people now working from home, internet use has broken records for business meetings, increased use of social for networking and more videos watched than ever – with streaming services throttling quality to cope with demand. It’s an opportunity, but there’s still the question of what’s right to show and how best to get it in front of the right audiences.
We’re not a fan of the direct-sales approach, but we do want to help. And to do that, we’d like to ask what your current main challenges are. Is it resources, time, money or something else? We might not have the answer to all your problems, but we may be able to help in advising what you could do now or plan for the future.
Please do let us know…

…and we’ll make sure we post those questions and answers in posts over the next few weeks so everyone can benefit.

We’re all in this together, so tell us what you want and we’ll give it to you free of charge.
Stay safe.
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