Live filming.

Lift your recorded video content above the competition.

Don’t settle for the norm with your recorded content. DURTY can create filmed videos that will blow away your viewers.

Put simply, filming involves using a camera to record live footage. That camera could be static, for example if we are recording an interview, or it could be moving if we are moving the camera manually or via a robotic drone.

Live filming is perfect for showing interviews, telling the stories of people behind the business, showcasing case studies and recording live events. We can bring interviews to life by shooting using green-screens to add animation behind the interviewee, or shoot b-roll clips which provide context to the interviewees topics.

We can handle almost all types of filming. For any specialist filming such as aerial videography, international shoots and stop-motion, we have a list of suppliers we trust and have formed partnerships with.

Concept, storyboarding, editing and motion graphics are all handled in-house by ourselves. We have the skillsets to produce incredibly engaging live-shot video which stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Standard filming

Standard filming refers to single or multi-camera video shoots, where both cameras are manually operated by individuals. The cameras could be static (on a tripod), or moving (handheld). We use standard filming to capture content such as building or office shots, and to record interviews.

Specialist filming

Specialist filming refers to unusual filming sometimes using non-manual operation. For example, flying drones with cameras attached, or a motorised buggy with a camera attached. In addition, specialist filming could refer to something like hand-drawn animation which is recorded with a physical camera, or stop motion (like Wallace and Gromit).

Visual effects (VFX)

What separates us from our competition is our ability to augment recorded footage with special effects. We are able to add in animated or 3D content to a live recording, in a method called "compositing" for a real wow factor. For example, we can composite in special effects and animation behind an interviewee to augment what they are saying and maintain interest.

How does it work, and can you use our existing content?

We will begin the process by identifying your requirements and making recommendations in line with budget and the required impact level of the video. Once we have the requirements agreed, we will plan out the video shoots, including providing a storyboard and script where necessary.

Once the storyboard and script are agreed, we will book in the video shoot. If we need to use a specialist we will engage with them and attend the shoot to ensure all goes to plan. The resulting footage is then edited and post-production is completed as required.

We can work with footage that has been recorded by your own team (internal or external), and we can provide training on how best to record your own footage to enable you to continue your video marketing without the expense of using a freelancer or agency for every video you want to make.